Saturday, December 27, 2014

It's time for an international organized worldwide ban of Islam!

It's time for an international organized worldwide ban of Islam!

It's time for an international organized worldwide ban of Islam!

1) Angola recently banned Islam.
2) Russia recently banned the Quran.
3) Several European nations have banned the burqa.
4) China recently banned Muslim prayer meetings in government buildings
5) Myanmar (a Buddhist nation) is conducting an organized reverse jihad against Muslims.
6) The Central African Republic (a Christian nation) is conducting an organized reverse jihad against Muslims.

These are just a few recent international efforts against Islam. BUT THEY DON'T GO FAR ENOUGH!

This is what the world really needs:

1) An international boycott of oil against all Islamic or Islamic friendly nations. No more business with OPEC.
2) Ban the United Nations. Form a new version of the United Nations which is free of all Islamic nations - with the possible exception of: 1) Egypt which has secularized and 2) Morocco which is already secular.
3) A worldwide ban on the Quran and all aspects of it. All Qurans must be destroyed.
4) All of Islam in any form banned from civilized nations. There is no good Islam. No exception.
5) Current adherents of Islam must either be deported to an Islamic nation of their choice or must leave Islam. Islam is not a religion. It is a cult and deserves no protection - in concept, in practice, and in membership.
6) All Islamic nations given the ultimatum - put up or shut up! In order to rejoin the international community, they must become secular. 

1) Islam is not the official religion - NOR IS ANY OTHER. 
2) No more forced conversions. 
3) No more death penalty for leaving Islam. 
4) No more honor killings. 
5) No more forced child marriages. 
6) No more female genital mutilation. 
7) No more use of children as soldiers.
8) No more suicide bombings.
9) Must agree to adhere to the Geneva Conventions of War.

Vladimir Putin (of Russia) was right. Whether we are Russian or American or French or British or Australian or Israeli or whatever free society - we the people of our civilized nations should demand that everybody who lives in our nations follow our rules and put our nations first. Not Islam. Not Allah.


Monday, December 22, 2014

I am sick of Muslims whining about the reverse genocides in Myanmar and the Central African Republic!

I am sick of Muslims whining about the reverse genocides in Myanmar and the Central African Republic!

Muslims are being systematically slaughtered in Myanmar and the Central African Republic!

Islam has killed at least 270 million people in 1400 years and probably far more than that. This is easily verified by reliable sources including this YouTube video:

Sudan has killed over a million Christians and has led to the formation of a new nation called South Sudan. The Ottoman Empire (present day Turkey) killed between 1.5 million and 3 million Armenian Christians after World War II. Throughout history, millions of Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindu, and other Muslims have been killed brutally and systematically - not just by terrorists - but by Islamic governments (state sponsored terrorism). These are just a few examples.

Millions of Jews were killed by Hitler in World War II. Hitler actually copied the example of the Ottoman Empire patterning his concentration camps after theirs. Muslims applauded and still applaud Hitler's genocide.

Israel became a nation again in 1948. They fought a war of survival against Muslim forces later that year. Then in 1967 was the Six Day War in which the tiny nation of Israel single-handedly defeated Egypt, Syria, and Jordan and annexed border regions.

To this day, Muslims whine about this. They claim that Israel stole land from Palestine which doesn't even exist. Israel has offered to give land for peace but that doesn't work because Muslims want all the land and all Jews killed.

Israel has a right to defend itself. We constantly hear on the news that Israel killed innocent Muslims but that is a crock.

Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a predominantly Buddhist nation near Thailand. Muslim terrorists have killed thousands of Myanmar Buddhists. THEY ARE JUST FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIRE!

The Central African Republic is a redominantly Christian nation near Tanzania and Mozambique. Muslim terrorists have killed thousands of Central African Republic Christians. THEY ARE JUST FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIRE!

Muslims don't like it when infidels fight back. But that's tough! Last I heard, jihad works both ways!

Islam seeks world domination. Muslims want the world to be Islamized. Too bad! We as infidels want an end to Islam!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Quran Sura 109 (you say PO-TAY-TO I say PO-TAW-TO) is ridiculous!

Quran Sura 109 (you say PO-TAY-TO I say PO-TAW-TO) is ridiculous!

According to 'The Noble Quran' (an obvious misnomer): "O disbelievers (i.e. infidels or non-Muslims), I do not worship what you worship. Nor are you worshipers of what I worship nor will I be a worshiper of what you worship nor will you be worshipers of what I worship. For you is your religion and for me is my religion".

Most of the rest of the Quran commands Muslims to kill infidels using gruesome, gory, and inhuman methods. Then alas, we stumble upon this quizzical peaceful passage. It sounds a bit like Ella Fitzgerald's song: "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off". You say PO-TAY-TO I say PO-TAW-TO. Let's agree to disagree...

Apologists use this and a few deliberately misquoted passages to convince us that the Quran is somehow peaceful even though this was later abrogated by the violent "Islam or else" Suras.

Sura 109 begs the obvious question. DID GOD WRITE THIS?! Would God want us to worship any god we wanted? NO! The first commandment instructs the Jews (and by association the Christians) to take no other gods before him!

Another embarassing Sura in the Quran is Sura 53 - the Satanic verses! I am not referring to the Salman Rushdie book. I am referring to the story of Mohammed appealing to the Quraysh tribe back in his day in letting the daughter goddesses Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat be intercessors for Allah. They realized their mistake afterwards and changed this passage! So much for the eternal unchangeable Quran...

Sura 109 - as peaceful as it sounds - is in effect another set of Satanic verses! In Sura 53 it appeals to intercessors for Allah while in 109 it in effect says all religions are equal. Hmmm! What about the fact that in many Islamic nations other religions are illegal? Why so many forced conversions to Islam and deaths for apostacy? Where is the "you say PO-TAY-TO I say PO-TAW-TO" in that?!

Now another question. Who is Allah? Is Allah the same God of Abraham? Is Allah the same God of the Old and New Testaments? NO!

Allah is referenced in the Old Testament as Baal. He was known in Mohammed's day as Hubal. Mohammed promoted Allah from one of many pagan gods to supreme omnipotent being to justify his evil deeds.

The Quran demands that Muslims follow Mohammed's example without question or reservation no matter how evil. RULE #1 - MOHAMMED IS ALWAYS RIGHT. RULE #2 - SEE RULE #1!

Muslims are desensitized so they don't know right from wrong; evil from good; and truth from lies etc. But why should we be surprised? The 10 commandments of Moses aren't even in the Quran! Nor is the Golden Rule!

Now let's examine the statement: "Allah Akhbar". Muslims tell us that it means "God is great"! WRONG! It actually means "The God (of the Arabs) is greater (than the God of Abraham)! The Quran says "Allah is the greatest deceiver of all". But in the Bible it says that "Satan (Allah) is the father of all lies"! That's no surprise since the 10 commandments - including "Thou shalt not bear false witness (or lie)" isn't in the Quran. The Quran instructs Muslims to lie - EVEN TO THEMSELVES!

So why is Sura 109 in the Quran?! Should we blame the schizoid Mohammed who flip-flopped back and forth every minute leaving even his closest followers shaking their heads?! Should we blame Uthman for not burning this Sura along with numerous other verses of the Quran that he didn't agree with?! Should we drink more lemonade and not worry about it and invent endless ridiculous excuses like the Muslims do?!

The Quran is an evil book of hate. It wasn't inspired by God. It couldn't have been. Islam is an evil Satanic death cult. Muslims are brainwashed Allah zombies. Islam isn't a religion - but a political system bent on world domination just like Communism and Nazism - ONLY WORSE!


Saturday, November 29, 2014

JOKE: A recent Muslim convert calls her imam with questions about Islam

JOKE: A recent Muslim convert calls her imam with questions about Islam

Dial dial dial dial dial... Ring... ring... ring... "Hello. Masjed As-Saber Mosque." "Is this the imam?" "Speaking, my child!"

"Hi. This is Sandra Welch and I converted to Islam a couple weeks ago." "Oh yes. Very good my dear."

"Yeah. And I told my mom and dad. They didn't care either way because they're meth freaks. But when I told my boyfriend, he wasn't so sure. He wrote down a few things on a piece of paper he wanted me to ask you about Islam." "OK. What you want to know?"

"Well first of all, he said that you Muslims use 'TUH-KEY-UH'. I'm not sure what that is but he said basically it means you guys are a bunch of lying-ass 'sock-cu - hey April what is this word? - oh cocksuckers." "No my dear, we always tell truth. Allah not allow us to lie."

"Well I didn't think you were lying either. I mean - after all - why would you need to lie to get people to join Islam anyway? OK. Another thing my boyfriend said was that Mohammed was a pedo-dyle - shit, I can't read my own writing. Oh pedophile - that's it. And something about robbing the cradle along with robbing a bunch of other things..."

"Oh no. Aisha was 9 years old. She very mature for her age."

"Yeah, I know that's true. But my boyfriend also said something about that the men like to fuck goats and donkeys and camels. Is that true?" "No that's not true. Who is boyfriend? He's liar. And maybe we should talk some sense to him."

"OK. Glad to know that. I mean - after all - why would anyone fuck animals? I mean that's insane. You can get diseases doing that - or I guess you could. And also my boyfriend mentioned blowing up balloons." April cuts in: "No Sandra. He said they blow up people in suicide bombs!" "Oh yeah that's what he said."

The imam says: "Your boyfriend big liar. Whoever kills a soul kills all of mankind! We talked about that last Friday, child."

"OK I know. And I have been praying every day to Allah. I'm not sure what the words mean yet but I am sure you will tell me one day. Well I am going to stay Muslim for now. I really enjoy those lessons about Mohammed's early ministry. He was so peaceful and kind and brought all of humanity together." "Yes child. Very good, Allah be blessed."

"Yes. Peace be upon you imam. And my boyfriend said something else though. He said something like - what is it? - wait until after he leaves Medina. Oh I am sure that will be even better!"

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My collection of pictures of Muslim perversions. Enjoy!

My collection of pictures of Muslim perversions. Enjoy!

I have some other pictures saved on my computer but these are my favorite ones I created recently. I made all these pictures myself by the way...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Quran is pious fraud!

The Quran is pious fraud! 

Muslims claim that the Quran is the final word of Allah. That is impossible for a number of reasons:

1) It was written well after Mohammed's death. Obviously, Mohammed wasn't available to approve its content.
2) It is mostly about Mohammed. Allah is an afterthought at best.
3) It is black and white and separates the world into "us" and "them" - believers and kafirs.
4) It doesn't explain how to be a "good Muslim". Instead it gives direction on evil deeds for those who don't believe it. It would seem that to be a "good Muslim", one must be as evil and ruthless as possible.
5) It is devoid of a "Golden Rule" - do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The only "Golden Rule" is do unto others IF AND ONLY IF THEY'RE ALSO MUSLIM!
6) It is devoid of the 10 commandments. A moral set of codes and guidelines are completely missing in the Quran which explains why so many Muslims seek shortcuts to gain their concept of salvation.
7) It fundamentally contradicts itself in many places. For example, Sura 8:12 is evil no matter how it is interpreted.
8) It isn't chronological. It jumps back and forth. If such a book were presented to an editor or publisher today, it would be rejected.
9) Muslims also use Hadiths and the Sunnah to explain and clarify the Quran. If the Quran were the final word of Allah, why the need for other books?
10) Mohammed goes back and forth from being good to being evil. Instead of being a universal code of ethics and (ha ha) "the perfect system for all mankind", Islam is constant and eternal conflict.


"I confess that there is no God but Allah and Mohammed was his messenger." Mohammed is always right even if he is wrong. I need to constantly brainwash myself by looking down to pray. I should learn Arabic because Allah is stupid and doesn't know English.

If I am angry with Islam or Mohammed, I need to keep my mouth shut or my fellow Muslims will behead me. Hey where's my grocery list?! I better make sure and buy plenty of Kool-Aid and camel piss.

If I get frustrated, it is OK to lash out at others - especially Jews and other kafirs. If I kill a kafir, I will score brownie points with my imam. If I die for Islam, I will get 72 virgin white raisins.

If I am a Muslim man, I can always beat the shit out of my wife when I get really mad! I'm a mama's boy pussy anyway. Oh wait, there's a dog. I think I'll go set fire to him! Allah will love that!

What's that?! You say Mohammed was a pedophile? And he fucked goats and donkeys? And he slept with his dead aunt?! Liar! Don't you dare say that shit even though it's all true.


The Quran is pious fraud! Mohammed was worse than Adolf Hitler. And Islam is complete bullshit. Feel free to quote me on that!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Muslim cab drivers who refuse fares carrying alcohol or pork products or dogs SHOULD BE FIRED!

Muslim cab drivers who refuse fares carrying alcohol or pork products or dogs SHOULD BE FIRED!

I am sickened when I hear about all the "concessions" that Muslim cab drivers (and Muslims in other occupations in America and elsewhere) are seeking. They want footwashing stations at airports. They want prayer rooms. They want special holidays. They don't want "reasonable accommodations". THEY WANT EVERYONE ELSE TO BECOME "ISLAMIZED"!

But more than that - Muslim cab drivers feel it's their right to arbitrarily turn down many legitimate fares that are doing nothing illegal. They are turning down honest patrons who carry alcoholic beverages, pork products, or dogs (INCLUDING SEEING-EYE DOGS FOR THE BLIND AND HEARING-EAR DOGS FOR THE DEAF) which is a deliberate and gross violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act!

Disabled and elderly patrons often have no other choice than take public transportation. Many are unable to drive. Cab drivers are public servants in much the same way as bus drivers, doctors, police officers, etc. Cab drivers have a legal and moral obligation to serve the public.

Cab drivers should have the right to turn down fares in certain circumstances and situations - such as if the patron has a gun or poses a threat (as an example). But there should be a definite and valid reason for refusing fares. Airport authorities and cities can fire or fine or suspend cab drivers for not following the rules.

Rules should apply to everybody INCLUDING MUSLIM CAB DRIVERS! Muslim cab drivers should stop getting a "free lunch". We need to stop being politically correct!

Muslim cab drivers who refuse fares carrying alcohol or pork products or dogs SHOULD BE FIRED!

I decided to convert to Islam (April Fools)!

Sura 8:12 is evil regardless of how it is interpreted!

Sura 8:12 is evil regardless of how it is interpreted!

Sura 8:12 reads: "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them."

Muslim taqiyya artists claim this Sura is historically based and does not apply today. Really?! Dismemberment is being practiced extensively today by Muslims.

If dismemberment of head and body parts is merely historically based like the sugar-coated crap we hear, then why do so many terrorists, Islamic governments, and criminals do this?! Idi Amin used to dismember his enemies, drink their blood, put their heads on trophy walls, and feed their dead carcasses to dogs and crocodiles. In 2006, Somalis dismembered American soldiers and dragged their bodies through the streets to cheering crowds. Islamic governments execute people, cut up their bodies, then bury them in shallow graves. The Taliban plays soccer with human heads. We have irrefutable video proof of at least one human slaughterhouse is operating in Syria today. And headlines often read something like "Muslim man kills and dismembers his mother / wife / girlfriend."

TO REITERATE - IF SURA 8:12 IS HISTORICALLY BASED - WHY IS IT PRACTICED ON A DAILY BASIS? Hmmm. I guess that Muslims didn't get the memo that Sura 8:12 is only historically based...

Let's assume for a minute that I wanted to convert to Islam. As I'd read the Quran, I'd come to Sura 8:12. It outlines two steps for me: 1) Cut off the infidel's head; 2) Dismember the infidel.


If I behead them first then dismember, I would be defiling a dead body which is evil!

If I dismember the infidel first, then behead them, I'd be causing needless suffering which is also evil. I could have just killed them painlessly.

Sura 8:12 contradicts itself and is evil no matter which way it's done. I refuse to believe that an all-powerful omnipotent being would sanction and encourage such behavior. I therefore make the following conclusion:


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Why do Muslims feed us taqiyya that Islam is peaceful by deliberately misquoting Sura 5:32?!

Why do Muslims feed us taqiyya that Islam is peaceful by deliberately misquoting Sura 5:32?!

Muslims claim that Sura 5:32 says: "If anyone kills a human being it is if he killed all of mankind and if anyone saves a human being it is as if he saved all of mankind."

Parts of Sura 5:32 are deliberately left out to make it seem as if Islam is peaceful! Sura 5:26-33 outline a sermon by a Jewish rabbi which was overheard by Mohammed. It refers to how Cain killed Abel in Genesis 4:8. This sermon relates the circumstances when killing is justifiable.

The entire Sura 5:32 IN CONTEXT: "We ordained for the Children of Israel that if anyone slew a person - unless it be in retaliation for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew all mankind: and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all humanity."

MUSLIMS NEVER QUOTE THE VERY NEXT SURA - Sura 5:33! "The punishment for those who wage war against Allah and his apostle and strive to make mischief in the land is: They should be murdered or crucified or that opposing hands and feet should be cut off or they should be imprisoned. This shall be a disgrace for them in this world and in the hereafter they will have a grievous chastisement."

Sura 5 sets up Islamic "blasphemy" laws. Anything against Islam in Muslim lands is severely punished! Christians and Jews aren't supposed to build houses of worship unless they pay the jizya. Christians aren't supposed to spread the gospel of Jesus's ministry. And by association, anything negative about Allah or Mohammed or Islam EVEN IF IT IS TRUE is to be silenced.

This is of course why Barack Obama and the United Nations (COMPOSED OF MANY MUSLIM NATIONS) are trying to stifle freedom of speech.

Not very peaceful, is it?!

I have been to Egypt ! Let me tell you what it was like



I haven’t heard people weigh in on this subject, so I thought I would. Muslims are trying to pass up Christians (and for that matter other religions) with a “baby jihad”. They have been commanded to have as many children as possible.

It has been “succeeding” in a manner of speaking. I have heard Muslims bragging that they number 1.7 billion as of this year. The last number I heard was 1.5 billion. This number keeps going up!

Want to hear a staggering number? OSAMA BIN LADEN WAS ONE OF 57 CHILDREN! That’s right! 57! 57 isn’t just the number of predominantly Muslim nations, it is also the number of “baby bin Ladens” running around! On the other hand, Americans have less than 3 children on average!

China , the most populous nation in the world, has a different rule. Only ONE (1) child per family is allowed. We all know there are problems with this, and that it is often violated. But at least China is doing something.

But the Islamic world, for the most part, is comprised of “third world” nations. The largest Islamic nation in area is Sudan and it is extremely poor (and in the midst of a major genocide). The Islamic nation that is the most powerful militarily is Egypt (which is now in a revolution).

Even though the thought of Muslims outnumbering other religions scares most of us (IT DEFINITELY SCARES ME), just because they outnumber us, doesn’t mean that should worry us yet. Outnumbering us is one thing – but taking over the west is a scarier proposition!

As mentioned, Sudan is in the midst of a major genocide. The Christians in southern Sudan want to break free and create their own nation. Egypt (as I mentioned) revolted against their president and wants him to leave office. Tunisia just had a bit of a revolution. Jordan is threatening a revolution. Yemen is also threatening a revolution. And we already know about the civil unrest in Iran and Iraq – and not to mention – Afghanistan !

Look at the demographics. The average Muslim is under 30 years old, dirt poor, and making about $2 a day by American standards! These people are fed up AND I DON’T BLAME THEM – I WOULD BE FED UP TOO!

The only commodity the Islamic world has, for the most part, is oil. Only some Islamic nations have oil. The problem is that instead of using their oil revenues for the people, the ruling classes of Islamic oil-producing nations keep the “lion’s share” of the money.

Saudi Arabia , for example, donates millions of dollars to American universities (and engage in “stealth jihad” to further Islamic ideals) INSTEAD OF FEEDING THEIR OWN PEOPLE!

But let’s look at another middle-eastern nation – Israel . Israel has no oil and no oil revenue. But it enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world! Why? Israel is a free nation and its people are its industry (in much the same way as the United States and Switzerland ). Some of the highest tech jobs and industries in the world are in Israel . This is why even though you practically have to look through a magnifying glass to see Israel (which is surrounded by numerous larger Muslim nations), they have a very powerful military.

God bless Israel ! In 1967 was “the 6-day war”. Jordan , Syria , and Egypt invaded Israel simultaneously and Israel defeated the combined armies of three huge Muslim nations. IN SIX DAYS! And what did they do on the 7th day? They rested.

The Muslim world is still in the dark ages in many ways. We already know Islam is in need of a major reform (to say the least). Even if, arguably speaking, Allah is the true God, and Islam is the true religion, CERTAINLY THE CURRENT INTERPRETATION(S) OF THE KORAN AREN’T IN ACCORDANCE WITH WHAT GOD WOULD WANT. If Allah (or God) favored Islam, why did Israel win the 6-day war in 1967 (for example)?

Meanwhile, Muslims are also in the midst of a “stealth jihad”. I guess if you can’t beat the west militarily or with higher standards of living, you can win the propaganda war. Young western children in grade schools, high schools, and colleges (who are highly impressionable and seeking their own identities) are being bombarded with Islamic propaganda. Many school textbooks (which were written in Muslim countries) are saying, for example, that the Muslims discovered America ! They are also saying that the Muslims discovered Australia ! MY TAKE ON THAT IS “NICE TRY”!

But the worst and most irresponsible tactic the Muslims are using is known as “baby jihad”. If you can’t beat the west militarily or with higher living standards, you can win the propaganda war, AND YOU CAN MAKE MORE BABIES!

What is the world going to do with all these new mouths to feed though?! We are running out of water and food and places to put people. Pollution is ravaging the planet regardless of whose fault(s) it is. OVERPOPULATING THE PLANET WITH NEW MUSLIMS IS IRRESPONSIBLE AND NOT IN THE WORLD’S BEST INTERESTS!

The next generation of Muslim children will more than likely grow up in totalitarian regimes. They will be angry just like the current batch of young Muslims.

How will these new Muslim children vent their anger? Some will revolt. Others will join terrorist organizations. What do they have to live for anyway? They have no lives and no future(s). Why not just don a suicide vest, go to Israel and blow up while taking out some innocent Israelis as a “bonus”? Or why not blow up an American embassy or consulate?

But many of these children will want to flee and emigrate to the United States , Canada , Australia , and Europe . Some of them will leave Islam of course, but many others won’t. They will continue demanding that we conform to their standards. Even though Islam is a major failure, they will continue coming here and wanting us to become Islamized!

Well, enough is enough! The world needs to speak out and speak up. We don’t need “57 baby bin Ladens”! And we need to stop being “politically correct” and speak out!

Instead of producing more children, why don’t the Muslims produce more industry? Why not use science and technology and find new ways of producing food and other products?

Why do Jews outnumber Muslims about 20 to 1 in Nobel prizes even though they have only 1% as many people?! Isn’t it ironic that though you need a microscope to see Israel on a map surrounded by Muslim nations – YOU ALSO NEED A MICROSCOPE TO SEE HOW FEW MUSLIMS HAVE WON NOBEL PRIZES?!!!!!

Barack Obama thinks NASA should reach out to the Muslim community. But here’s a thought. WHY DOESN’T THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY REACH OUT TO THE WORLD INSTEAD? Instead of producing so many babies (which is a problem for the world), why not offer solutions instead?

GIVE THE WORLD SOME SOLUTIONS! DON’T GIVE THE WORLD MORE PROBLEMS! Be responsible! Grow up! Stop trying to take over the world with terrorism, stealth jihad, and baby jihad. Instead of winning, EVERYBODY LOSES!

Obama learns from Muslims about rewriting history!

It IS acceptable to hold the religion of Islam and Muslims responsible and accountable for their misdeeds!