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I haven’t heard people weigh in on this subject, so I thought I would. Muslims are trying to pass up Christians (and for that matter other religions) with a “baby jihad”. They have been commanded to have as many children as possible.

It has been “succeeding” in a manner of speaking. I have heard Muslims bragging that they number 1.7 billion as of this year. The last number I heard was 1.5 billion. This number keeps going up!

Want to hear a staggering number? OSAMA BIN LADEN WAS ONE OF 57 CHILDREN! That’s right! 57! 57 isn’t just the number of predominantly Muslim nations, it is also the number of “baby bin Ladens” running around! On the other hand, Americans have less than 3 children on average!

China , the most populous nation in the world, has a different rule. Only ONE (1) child per family is allowed. We all know there are problems with this, and that it is often violated. But at least China is doing something.

But the Islamic world, for the most part, is comprised of “third world” nations. The largest Islamic nation in area is Sudan and it is extremely poor (and in the midst of a major genocide). The Islamic nation that is the most powerful militarily is Egypt (which is now in a revolution).

Even though the thought of Muslims outnumbering other religions scares most of us (IT DEFINITELY SCARES ME), just because they outnumber us, doesn’t mean that should worry us yet. Outnumbering us is one thing – but taking over the west is a scarier proposition!

As mentioned, Sudan is in the midst of a major genocide. The Christians in southern Sudan want to break free and create their own nation. Egypt (as I mentioned) revolted against their president and wants him to leave office. Tunisia just had a bit of a revolution. Jordan is threatening a revolution. Yemen is also threatening a revolution. And we already know about the civil unrest in Iran and Iraq – and not to mention – Afghanistan !

Look at the demographics. The average Muslim is under 30 years old, dirt poor, and making about $2 a day by American standards! These people are fed up AND I DON’T BLAME THEM – I WOULD BE FED UP TOO!

The only commodity the Islamic world has, for the most part, is oil. Only some Islamic nations have oil. The problem is that instead of using their oil revenues for the people, the ruling classes of Islamic oil-producing nations keep the “lion’s share” of the money.

Saudi Arabia , for example, donates millions of dollars to American universities (and engage in “stealth jihad” to further Islamic ideals) INSTEAD OF FEEDING THEIR OWN PEOPLE!

But let’s look at another middle-eastern nation – Israel . Israel has no oil and no oil revenue. But it enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world! Why? Israel is a free nation and its people are its industry (in much the same way as the United States and Switzerland ). Some of the highest tech jobs and industries in the world are in Israel . This is why even though you practically have to look through a magnifying glass to see Israel (which is surrounded by numerous larger Muslim nations), they have a very powerful military.

God bless Israel ! In 1967 was “the 6-day war”. Jordan , Syria , and Egypt invaded Israel simultaneously and Israel defeated the combined armies of three huge Muslim nations. IN SIX DAYS! And what did they do on the 7th day? They rested.

The Muslim world is still in the dark ages in many ways. We already know Islam is in need of a major reform (to say the least). Even if, arguably speaking, Allah is the true God, and Islam is the true religion, CERTAINLY THE CURRENT INTERPRETATION(S) OF THE KORAN AREN’T IN ACCORDANCE WITH WHAT GOD WOULD WANT. If Allah (or God) favored Islam, why did Israel win the 6-day war in 1967 (for example)?

Meanwhile, Muslims are also in the midst of a “stealth jihad”. I guess if you can’t beat the west militarily or with higher standards of living, you can win the propaganda war. Young western children in grade schools, high schools, and colleges (who are highly impressionable and seeking their own identities) are being bombarded with Islamic propaganda. Many school textbooks (which were written in Muslim countries) are saying, for example, that the Muslims discovered America ! They are also saying that the Muslims discovered Australia ! MY TAKE ON THAT IS “NICE TRY”!

But the worst and most irresponsible tactic the Muslims are using is known as “baby jihad”. If you can’t beat the west militarily or with higher living standards, you can win the propaganda war, AND YOU CAN MAKE MORE BABIES!

What is the world going to do with all these new mouths to feed though?! We are running out of water and food and places to put people. Pollution is ravaging the planet regardless of whose fault(s) it is. OVERPOPULATING THE PLANET WITH NEW MUSLIMS IS IRRESPONSIBLE AND NOT IN THE WORLD’S BEST INTERESTS!

The next generation of Muslim children will more than likely grow up in totalitarian regimes. They will be angry just like the current batch of young Muslims.

How will these new Muslim children vent their anger? Some will revolt. Others will join terrorist organizations. What do they have to live for anyway? They have no lives and no future(s). Why not just don a suicide vest, go to Israel and blow up while taking out some innocent Israelis as a “bonus”? Or why not blow up an American embassy or consulate?

But many of these children will want to flee and emigrate to the United States , Canada , Australia , and Europe . Some of them will leave Islam of course, but many others won’t. They will continue demanding that we conform to their standards. Even though Islam is a major failure, they will continue coming here and wanting us to become Islamized!

Well, enough is enough! The world needs to speak out and speak up. We don’t need “57 baby bin Ladens”! And we need to stop being “politically correct” and speak out!

Instead of producing more children, why don’t the Muslims produce more industry? Why not use science and technology and find new ways of producing food and other products?

Why do Jews outnumber Muslims about 20 to 1 in Nobel prizes even though they have only 1% as many people?! Isn’t it ironic that though you need a microscope to see Israel on a map surrounded by Muslim nations – YOU ALSO NEED A MICROSCOPE TO SEE HOW FEW MUSLIMS HAVE WON NOBEL PRIZES?!!!!!

Barack Obama thinks NASA should reach out to the Muslim community. But here’s a thought. WHY DOESN’T THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY REACH OUT TO THE WORLD INSTEAD? Instead of producing so many babies (which is a problem for the world), why not offer solutions instead?

GIVE THE WORLD SOME SOLUTIONS! DON’T GIVE THE WORLD MORE PROBLEMS! Be responsible! Grow up! Stop trying to take over the world with terrorism, stealth jihad, and baby jihad. Instead of winning, EVERYBODY LOSES!

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