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Why am I fighting a personal war against Islam?

Why am I fighting a personal war against Islam?

Why am I fighting a personal war against Islam? I know there are other problems in the world today, so why did I decide to make Islam my personal campaign? Let me start by giving a short version of things I personally remember in my lifetime.

I was born in 1960 in Mississippi . I am a lifetime American citizen. I love this country. I still distinctly remember 1969 when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. I looked up at the moon and wondered what it would be like there!

In 1972 were the Munich Summer Olympic Games. Two things struck in my memory about it. The USA men’s basketball team suffered their first loss ever in Olympic competition under mysterious circumstances with the last few seconds of the game replayed three times. Also in this same Olympics, a number of Israeli Olympic athletes were killed!

The world mourned for the Israeli athletes. Hitler’s Germany had killed many Jews and now, right on the world stage, again in Germany (though not the fault of the Germans), many Jews were killed! Though I didn't really think about it at the time, this was the first act of Muslim terrorism that I personally remember.

In 1979 I graduated high school and started my first semester in college. Also in 1979, Iran took Americans at the Tehran embassy hostage. They were held more than a year until just after Ronald Reagan was inaugurated in 1981. This was the 2nd act of Muslim terrorism I personally remember, though I didn't make the connection at the time.

In junior college in 1980 I took a political science class. One of my classmates was Yazeed, a Muslim from Saudi Arabia !

Yazeed and I became study partners. We studied together in the library, and sometimes he took me over to his apartment where we would study. He prayed to Allah in front of me a few times. He never asked or expected me to do likewise. We both respected the fact that we were from different cultures.

Yazeed had many other Muslim friends from other countries (among them Algeria and an Israeli Muslim). Though I was American, he included me in his inner circle of friends. We talked about politics and religion to some degree, but none of us tried to convert the other. Just making it through college was each of our biggest concerns!

Yazeed shared some personal thoughts with me. He joked about how African American men, upon seeing him, would say “Hey, what’s up brother?” Yazeed would quickly snap back, “I’m not your brother!” First of all, I’m NOT black, I’m ARABIC! And second of all we didn't share the same mother. If you don’t know who your mother is, that’s not my concern!”

One thing amazed me about Yazeed. When it rained (and it rained often in the Portland , Oregon area), he often proclaimed “I like the rain!” (It hardly ever rains in Saudi Arabia ).

I predicted that one day he would get sick of the rain! After a couple years, one day he finally admitted “You’re right! You said one day I would, and now I HATE the rain!”

I still remember the last day I ever saw Yazeed. He drove over to my house to say goodbye. We exchanged presents and tearful hugs. He admitted to me that I was by far his best friend in college. He didn't want his other Muslim friends knowing or hearing it either! AND I FELT THE SAME WAY ABOUT HIM!

Yazeed said that he was glad he had been to the United States . He had always been told how bad America was, but now he knew differently! America wasn't that bad! He knew that now! He would return to Saudi Arabia and stay Muslim, but he would only have ONE wife (despite the fact that his religion allowed FOUR).

Yazeed moved to Louisiana where he would attend a senior college before returning to Saudi Arabia . We called each other and exchanged letters, but tragically we eventually lost contact. To this day I still miss him! I can say with conviction that one of my best friends ever was a Muslim from Saudi Arabia named Yazeed!

I still remember Desert Storm and our war with Iraq (after they attacked Kuwait ). A few things stick in my mind about it. The first is that Iraq fired scud missiles not just at American troops, but also at Saudi Arabia and Israel ! Why was Iraq provoking a war with two other nations?! And why did Iraq sabotage all their oil wells and deliberately set fire to them after the war?!

In the 1980s, 1990s and 2000 were more acts of Muslim terrorism. I don’t remember the exact dates because they weren't vivid memories.

But all that changed on September 11, 2001. As we all know, four planes were hijacked and flown into buildings (besides the one that crashed in Pennsylvania ). Now I finally made the connection between 1972, 1979, Desert Storm, other events, and 2001. Despite all this, Islam still hadn't become my lifetime personal battle. There were other problems such as global warming, ecological problems, racial differences, economic problems, etc.

There were more acts of Muslim terrorism. Buildings continued to be bombed and so forth. Then in 2008 Barack Obama ran for President of the United States ! I had a bad feeling about Obama from the beginning! It wasn't just that he was Muslim. It was the connection that Obama made with the African American community that alarmed me!

Obama appealed for the black vote, and yet he was more Muslim than black! I reflected back to my Saudi Arabian college friend Yazeed who didn't want to be identified with black people!

It made no sense to me that Obama wanted to connect with blacks whereas Yazeed clearly didn't! IT ESPECIALLY DIDN'T MAKE SENSE THAT OBAMA WANTS AMERICA AND THE WORLD TO REACH OUT TO MUSLIMS! If Obama’s African heritage were more important to him, why would he champion the cause of Islam over and above the cause of African Americans?! Truly, there are far more black people in America than Muslims!

I had considered myself a lifetime Democrat. That all changed when Obama was elected! I want him out of office!

Then I heard that the Muslims want to build a mosque at ground zero in New York City ! I am appalled. Why? This was where many people died at the hands of Muslim terrorists and yet Muslims want to build a mosque there? It seemed so disrespectful. I was against the idea from the very beginning. I joined several Facebook pages against Obama and against the mosque at ground zero!

But soon thereafter I had my personal epiphany on Islam! I was on an anti-Obama Facebook site when I saw a Youtube video called “Three Things about Islam”. The 3rd thing about Islam in the video is what struck me and changed me forever! It is supposedly “OK” to lie to further the cause of Islam!

I learned that this Islamic deception is called “Al Taqiyya” and there is another deception called “kitman”. Muslims will contend that they should mostly tell the truth but should only lie if their life depended on it! I would however debate that point, since the current school of thought says that ANYTHING that furthers the cause of Islam, including LIES, is “OK”!

The Koran has a few verses where lying in some situations is acceptable! This is astonishing. One of the Ten Commandments (in the Bible and Jewish “Torah”) says “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” Jesus likewise warned against lying.

Lying is a sin. Still though, everybody does it including me! I would be a liar if I claimed to have never lied! But the difference is that Islam uses a “holy” book that promotes lying (and the widely held current interpretation throughout the Muslim world says lying is OK in certain conditions)!

Now everything clicked! The campaign for the mosque at ground zero was a big deception! Obama’s campaign to make Islam mainstream in America was a big deception too! Leaders of Muslim nations will often give two totally different speeches (one for the “consumption” of western nations and the other for their own people)!

Islam claims to be the final word of God, and that all other religions are “corrupted”. I WOULD CONTEND INSTEAD THAT ISLAM IS THE “RELIGION” WITH ALL THE “CORRUPTIONS”!

Islam is living a lie! Anything and everything that furthers the cause of Islam is “fair game”. Deception is “OK”. Terrorism is “OK”. Provoking war with Israel and Saudi Arabia (which Iraq did in Desert Storm) is “OK”. Sabotaging oil wells (which Iraq also did in Desert Storm) is “OK”. Suicide bombing are “OK”.

Double standards are “OK” too. In western nations, as well as in their own regions, to criticize the west or Christianity or Judaism is acceptable. But even though Islam promotes lying and deception, it is taboo to say anything bad about Islam or the Koran or Mohammed or Allah! A good example is when Kurt Westergaard and other Danish cartoonists drew a few cartoons denouncing Islam and Mohammed, the world freaked! The world freaked again when Molly Norris, a Seattle, Washington cartoonist, drew a few cartoons and she was forced to go into hiding for fear of her life!

No religion is perfect! But if Islam and the Koran is the perfect word of Allah (or God), why is it “OK” to lie? Arguably speaking, if Muslim political and religious leaders can lie, they can say anything they want and claim theirs is the word of God even if it isn't! Furthermore, if nobody can question them, and they claim a “divine” right not to be questioned, nothing can change and tyranny will (and does) abound!

Obama said that America needed to be more “tolerant” of Islam, but why can’t Islam or Muslims be more tolerant of America (or for that matter the rest of the western world)? Why do Muslims come to America and western nations and expect us to change for them? Why do Muslims make waves and claim to be discriminated against or oppressed if we don’t change our ways to suit them? ANOTHER QUESTION: WHY DO WE ALLOW THEM TO GET AWAY WITH IT?! (There is an old saying “When in Rome , do as the Romans do”)!

Muslims are trying to take away all our freedoms! Our freedom of speech, which we hold so dear, can disappear if we allow Sharia Law to gain a foothold and spread! Sharia Law is Islamic law which espouses no freedoms of speech or the press or religion; polygamy; child pedophilia; spousal abuse; amputations of hands and feet for theft; and beheadings and hangings as capital punishment for “crimes” as small as speaking out or leaving one’s religion!

I have nothing against Muslims themselves. Two of my best friends currently in the United States are from Iran and Iraq ! And Yazeed, my college friend, was from Saudi Arabia ! It is important to separate the religion from its adherents! There are wonderful, peace-loving people in Muslim countries that only hear and see life in the Middle East , and know no different. Many Muslims are just as much victims as those who died on September 11, 2001!

Is the United States perfect? No! We have had our problems. But we also have a system of government with freedom of speech and freedom of the press and freedom of religion. Problems we have can be corrected within our system. And the rest of the western world, with similar government systems and similar freedoms, can do likewise!

The problem is also that Islam breeds hate and resentment! Children in Muslim schools (madrassas) are “taught” to hate Israel and the United States starting their very first day of school! And in mosques throughout the Middle East, Muslims chant in unison “Death to Israel ” and “Death to the America ”! AFTER ALL, IF ISLAM AND THE KORAN AND MOHAMMED AND ALLAH CAN’T BE CRITICIZED, IS IT ANY SURPRISE THAT THEY WOULD BLAME US INSTEAD?!

I don’t have all the answers. But we need to stop bankrolling oppressive totalitarian Islamic regimes that kill and mistreat their own. We need to become energy self-sufficient so we don’t need oil from the Middle East . We need to stop the spread of Islam (especially the institution of Sharia Law). We need to stop bending over backwards to change our ways to suit them! We need to stop blaming ourselves for their problems (they blame us enough as it is). We need to stop being politically correct. We need to get over our FEAR of what they MIGHT DO (which is another manipulation of theirs)!

But lastly, we need to demand that they clean their own house and push for a reform of Islam!

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