Thursday, November 6, 2014



There are two types of bullies - "regular bullies" and "victim bullies". The distinguishing character of "victim bullies" are claims of having been wronged or harassed or discriminated against to gain leverage over others.

But besides being passive-aggressive, Muslims increase their victim status over time. They scapegoat the Jews and Israel. They teach their kids to hate Jews and Israel beginning in infancy. It starts out being a blind hate based on circular logic yet increases and intensifies in the minds of Muslims when they find additional reasons to hate Jews and Israel regardless of whether the hatred is founded or justifiable.

Normally "victim bullies" are ashamed when initial claims of victimhood are discovered and outed by others. Not so with Muslims! Muslims honestly believe they are wronged!

In fact Muslims are wronged! But they are wronged by Islam itself. They are enslaved and trapped in their cult both mentally and physically. They internalize their anger with Islam or their imams / mullahs or head(s) of state.

Since Muslims aren't allowed to speak out about Islam, they need something or someone to vent their anger! Muslims are professional victims. They hide behind the race card falsetto. They use terrorism to set examples and scare us into silence. Their ultimate goal is for us to be afraid to say anything while they slowly mold and shape the world to their liking.

Muslims are narcissistic about being the center of attention too. They feed on it. It strokes their supremacist ego collectively and individually. Unfortunately, their victimhood status is ultimately rewarded.

Muslims use our laws and ethics against us. Their views are one-sided.  They do this shamelessly - just as they abuse wartime settings by using children as soldiers then blaming us for killing them even though it was their fault. They violate the Geneva Conventions of War with impunity.

Lawmakers make concession and concession for Muslims preferentially - allowing them to pray when others can't for example. Schools go out of their way to familiarize or to some extent indoctrinate western youth in Islamic history and customs. In the name of "multiculturalism" we compromise our principles and laws and slowly substitute them with their demonic laws and culture.

True victims identify with and champion the Muslim cause and agenda. Liberals picture themselves as being in the same boat. Ahhh - those poor Muslims. They're so misunderstood. Other liberals and victims aren't wise to the fact that Sharia Law is a threat to their liberty and survival as well.

Muslims are accustomed to their special status. They change hats from "Big Bad Wolf" to "Little Red Riding Hood" and back - bully then victim then bully then victim. We allow them to do it too! We are suckers and they know it.

What can we do about it? Share this with others. Get involved. Be patriotic. Let politicians know our feelings about one-sided preferential laws. Push for immigration reform and deportation laws. Demand that the Quran be banned as hate speech. Demand that mosques be closed. Demand that Islam be declared a cult instead of a legitimate religion.

The time is now!

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